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Mission Statment

  • My driving force behind the creation of Dorton Aviation stems from my desire to 
    share my passion for flying and to share my experience, knowledge and skills 
    with anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming an aviator.

    Our mission involves training and educating all aviators through time-tested and 
    proven flight and ground instruction methods.   

    We have an FAA approved simulator for primary and instrument flight instruction 
    and re-currency training.

    Simulation allows the pilot to sharpen their flying skills and then apply them in 
    the real-world aircraft with less stress and expense.

    At Dorton Aviation we strive hard to instill and reinforce good flying, navigation 
    and communication skills.

    We continually seek out best practices and hold our students and certified 
    instructors to the highest standards of skill and professionalism both in flight and 
    in the classroom.

    In the classroom, we provide an exciting and dynamic learning environment 
    whereby the student is an active participant.  Instruction is one on one with the 

    Students are highly encouraged and expected to prepare for each lesson and to 
    pose questions that draw upon the experience of the instructor.  Students are 
    also expected to share their skills and experiences with the instructor.

    Lastly, know that I am sincerely committed to helping you achieve your personal 
    and professional aviation goals.  I promise you that I will be here to support you 
    throughout all of your flying adventures.  


Fly Right!

 Bob Dorton
 Advanced Ground Instructor
 Instrument Ground Instructor
 Commercial Pilot
 FAA Safety Representative

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